Groundsheet manufactured in PP tapes, stabilized against UV rays.
Black coloured and supplied with Green Square (15 cm) on the sides to aid the positioning of pots.

Structure UNI 9403 5×5
Area Mass UNI 9401 gr. 105/mq +/- 5%
Width UNI 9404 metri 3,05-4,10-5,15
Length UNI 9404 metri 100
Colour black (other colors upon request)
Light resistance kyl 200 UNI ISO 4892/85

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Product Description


Fabric made of PP tapes, stabilized against UV rays. Utilized to stop the growth of weeds without using chemical products, permeable to water, extremely sturdy and tear proof.
This product is particularly useful in nursery and can be applied to areas which are destined to ornamental plant growth.

Additional Information

Width X Length

4x8m, 5x8m, 5x10m, 6x8m, 6x10m, 8x8m, 8x10m, 10x10m, 10x12m, reel 2x100m, reel 3x100m, reel 4x100m, reel 5x100m, reel 6x100m,


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