All the yarns are obtained from the extrusion of High Density Polyethylene granules (HDPE) of the ELTEX SOLAVAY A 4009 type. The yarns in HDPE are resistant to extremely high atmospheric agents and are therefore an excellent choice for the creation of fabrics destined to external use.

. By administering antioxidant additives in appropriate measures and stabilizing the granules against UV rays before the extrusion process it is possible to obtain yarns and fabrics with resistance characteristics of up to 800 kly or, in other words, 8 years by Italian climatic standards and 6/7 years for climates in other Mediterranean basin countries: North Africa – the Middle East. Special formulations are studied for desert climates and with these, it is possible to reach up to 1000 Kly.

The HDPE resin (ELTEX SOLVAY A4009 type) is nontoxic in conformity with European Union norms and the American FDA regulations. This means that HDPE products may also be associated to food products. HDPE is recyclable and its combustion does not generate toxic gases so environmental impact is minimal.

HDPE presents excellent resistance to almost all chemical agents of an acid, basic and organic solvent nature; it has a low resistance to nitric acid, benzene, tetrachloroethylene, toluene, turpentine, chloroform. The softening point is around 90°, melting point is approximately 150° and the specific weight is equal to 0,96 Kg/mc.

E’ possibile scaricare direttamente le schede tecniche di sicurezza (conformi alla direttiva 93/112/CEE) dei prodotti a base di PEHD e dei prodotti a base di fibra di vetro