Respect and protection of the environment has changed over the years from a commendable activity to a necessary one,  to guarantee a future to our ecosystem. Such commitment involves everybody from international entities to single countries, local authorities, businesses and private citizens.

Environment protection has become for Quartulli Tessili a strategic priority that drives it to constantly integration of objectives connected to quality of the products and processes with the respect of the environment.

A correct management of the environmental problems connected to the industrial activities is essential for at least three reasons:

  • to fully respond to obligations and regulations;
  • optimize, even under a costs-benefits profile, the effectiveness of the interventions directed to soothe the impact of the productive activities on the environment;
  • to fully grasp the opportunities that, under the competitiveness profile, arise in terms of company image, brand and products.

Improving our own performance, under environmental terms, means not only contributes to the fulfillment of environmental policies already consolidated and defined at different levels (international, European, national and local) but also helps to build a new relationship of trust among economy, institutions and in general with stakeholder.