An extremely sturdy net which provides an ideal solution for the enclosure of road and building sites, areas designated to cattle breeding, parking areas, sports field, sky slopes, sporting exhibitions etc. It is light, easy to install, does not split and simple to fold away after use requiring only a small space. This netting, the only one of its kind with these characteristics, can be used many times and is available in two bright clear colours for immediate visibility.

Area Mass UNI 9401 gr. 180/mq +/- 5%
Width UNI 9404 mt 1,20-1,80
Length UNI 9404 mt 50
Tensile Strength UNI 9405/89 daN 140.6 Kgf 143.5
Tensile Strength UNI 9405/89 Weft daN 95      Kgf   97.0
Colours Dual Colours yellow/orange – orange – green – blue
Light resistance kyl 500 UNI ISO 4892/85
Permeability to air High
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Product Description


Knitted nettings with HDPE UV stabilized monofilaments suitable for an economic, fast and long-lasting fences for soccer fields, sports events and work areas.


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